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Product Description of Original Samsung Galaxy Core 2 Dual Sim Black What's in the Box: Samsung’s known throughout the world to be one of the leading manufacturer of consumer electronics. Ranging from televisions, to monitors, cameras, tablets and smartphones, they’re known to provide top quality merchandise. Now, their Samsung Galaxy Core 2 is apart of the long line of smartphones, with a 4.5” display, running on the latest Android KitKat operating system Dual-sim support Separate business from your personal life, the Galaxy Core 2 features a dual-sim capability, enabling the user to fit in two sim cards into a one device. Users will no longer need to switch phones to read messages, reply emails, or pick up a phone call. This single device solution will save the user plenty of time and money. Wireless connectivity Cable clutter is reduced with the Galaxy Core 2, connectivity is endless, its wireless LAN enables it to connect onto secured network, letting the user browse through content on the web. Videos and songs can be streamed and pictures uploaded with ease. Transferring pictures, songs and other files between friends and family is made easier with the latest Bluetooth format. Micro SD Onboard, it comes with an ample storage space, letting the user abuse the camera for pictures and videos, as well as stock up on contacts, audio files, work files and more. The internal 4GB space of the Samsung Galaxy Core 2 can be expanded to a larger size. Slip in a Micro SD card and have larger content and apps installed or downloaded. KitKat The Samsung Galaxy Core 2 is among the few devices that is running on the latest Android operating system. Android’s operating system version 4.4.2 or the KitKat is the latest and fastest operating system. Providing users with a smarter, faster and more efficient interface, improving performance and battery life. Users will no longer need to hug a wall as batteries will be able to last throughout the day. Skype and stills Being abroad on business will set you apart form friends and family. The Samsung Galaxy Core 2 comes with dual camera functions. The front camera lets you take clear and bright stills and videos anywhere you go. Through VoIP applications such as Skype, you can even have face-to-face conversations through the secondary camera.

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